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The Significance of a Wedding Speech A wedding is a once in a lifetime moment that a couple shares with their family and friends. Wedding speeches are given to honour the bride and the groom. Being chosen to give a wedding speech is a privilege. It is an opportunity to give gratitude to people, share funny and sentimental moments and appreciate a beginning. A wedding is a sentimental tribute for two souls vowing devotion and love to each other, and undertaking a pristine life.Giving a wedding speech is a tradition. It is the event that is most stirring and anticipated during a wedding reception. A speech should be short, only one to five minutes, so that all the selected speakers may have the chance to speak. It is better if the bride and the groom would be able to deliver a wedding speech. Usually, the maid of honour, the best man and the parents of the couple are asked to give a speech. Anyone can start the wedding speech, but in wedding etiquette, it is preferably the father of the bride.At a rehearsal dinner, the couple could choose if they want to give a speech or not. The master of the ceremonies usually delivers the speech. It is to welcome and give thanks to the guests and say few statements about the couple and their wedding. This is also the time when the couple get to thank the people who have helped prepare the wedding ceremony.Giving speeches right after the other should be avoided though. It will likely result to a long monotonous discussion for the wedding attendees. It will be daunting to listen to the speeches even though the speakers are entertaining.The first selected speaker could orate before the meal, and give toast to the couple. After the meal, the next selected speaker can continue the wedding speech answers. If the reception has a more ceremonial dinner, the selected speakers can deliver their speech between each course of the dinner. The best man and the matron of honour can have his and her speech after the main course; and the bride and the groom after dessert.For more info,Please visit wedding Typically, alcohol will be served during the wedding reception. The speeches should be done before this. Since the selected speakers and wedding attendees will be slightly drunk to orate or listen to a wedding speech. Make sure all the speeches are done before dinner is over. It is difficult assembling the wedding attendees together in order to listen to another speech.Wedding speeches should be casual and light. But don't take it for granted and presume that it is not worth the trouble. You will end up having a careless and insensitive speech that will be frown upon by the wedding attendees. Value the impression and response of the couple and the listeners. Speeches should express prosperity, bliss and joviality for the newlywed. Give the audience some motivating stories or information about the bride and the groom that they don't know about, and you will find them attentive to your wedding speech answers.For further details click here