Summer camps

10/08/2012 20:33

Thinking about summer camps for your children thi s year? There are many to choose from. Some are art related, some are through day care, some basically are a day care. One thing you may not have considered as a summer camp is a martial arts summer camp for your kids in Greenville SC. With a Martial Arts Summer Camp, your child will be learning these critical all encompassing skills:1. Self Defense: In kung fu summer camp your child will be very physically active learning some martial arts techniques. How to properly throw kicks and punches, as well as lessons about dealing with bullies without using physical means. Self defense for kids is a structured environment where children are able to make fast paced decisions and learn from them. Don't worry, although the classes are structured, there is still plenty of fun to be had.2. Self Confidence: This can be tough for a child to learn and also tough to acquire. Your child will be taught lessons about self esteem, self confidence, values and more. Your child will be learning this while also learning martial arts techniques in a focused instructional manner. If your child has never been to a karate class before, they will be able to follow the examples set by the senior students, which set great examples for the rest of the class, as well as demonstrating the techniques and helping the other kids learn.3. Focus: ADD runs rampant in children today. With the fast paced unfocused environment the internet provides for our children, one need not ask why so many children are hyper active. The internet and video games allow our children to zone out and lose focus. Kids also are not getting the amount of exercise they used to because of the internet and video games. In a martial arts summer camp, your child will be put in an environment where he or she must focus on the task at hand and execute the techniques that the instructors will guide them through. Take a second if you can, to sit back and watch your child focus and show discipline in the summer camp activities.4. Self Discipline: Every parent wants their child to be successful. That is impossible without self discipline. If you can't show discipline you cannot succeed in anything. Here your child will be in an environment where discipline is paramount, although it is a lot of fun for everyone it is also very disciplined and the kids are all encouraged to do their level best with every training exercise. Our instructors will be there to carefully guide and assist anyone who may be having trouble in a very skilled and caring manner. For more info visit Summer camps.