novelty gifts

25/07/2012 19:17

If you are preparing to have a party and need to get the party favors, the one we are going to talk about is a perfect one; especially for a retirement, graduation, or an over the hill party. Let us explain what a 'favor' actually stands for; a small gift which is given by the host to their guests as a gesture of gratitude and thankfulness. You have probably received quite a few favors over time, however, a lot of time they might be things you would never really have any use for. That is why party koozies are perfect for both the party giver and the guest.The party koozies would not necessarily be handed out in gift bags, but left on the tables. By doing this, the party goers can put their beer huggers to use right away on a can of beer, soda, iced tea or any can (or whichever type you buy).What makes selecting party koozies the perfect option for a favor or take home gift for your guests? This question can be answered quite simply, so let us take the time to tell you a few reasons.* First and foremost: Your guests are going to love it. We have attended numerous functions and koozies were given to the guest or party-goers and the compliments and chatter from guests was phenomenal.* Incredible selections: You can find many colors, fabrics, designs and styles, fonts and artwork.* Easy to customize: If you wish you can add the shops clipart or in a lot of cases you can upload and use your own. You can add your own text and sayings. Can be done typically on the front and back.* Low minimum ordering: Most companies have a very low minimum order, typically of 12.* Low cost: Pricing is very reasonable. And typically the more you order, the lower the price.For more info,Please visit novelty gifts   Note that custom artwork and sometimes a screening charge may apply, but even with these added, the price is right.In case you are wondering what party koozies are, well in simple terms, they are a little foam or other material sleeve which is created to be an insulator. By placing your drink in this sleeve, the beer hugger (as it is also known as) will keep your beverage cool for up to 40 minutes.If you are looking for a very popular novelty gift or favor to give to your guests, be it a function as mentioned earlier, or perhaps a wedding reception, bridal or baby showers, or even promotional gatherings, then selecting to give out party koozies is the perfect choice. You can easily get your order customized to your criteria and you will receive your product with a very short amount of time.Information on this can be found at this site