Niche Profit Classroom

21/05/2012 00:09

Niche Profit Classroom is a popular online business opportunity from Adam Short, with a modest monthly fee which entitles you to access to a host of online marketing benefits. But how effective is it at meeting its claim of giving a passive income stream on 'autopilot'?Well, I've used Niche Profit Classroom and have a $3,000 a month blog as a result - but it's not all been plain sailing. So let now share with you...The Pros and Cons of the Niche Profit Classroom Business OpportunityFirst, let's look at the Pros.NPC gives comprehensive training in all elements of the process and it would be hard to get this wrong. I found the help and support system disappointingly slow, though, on the couple of occasions when I had to get in touch with them.The trainings cover everything from finding selecting your niche, working out if it's likely to be profitable, installing your website (you get hosting free as part of your membership), and just about everything in between.It's a monthly membership, which is obviously how they make their money, and every month, in addition to the extremely powerful online tools (most notably the 'moneyword matrix', which is an excellent keyword research tool for beginners), you also get two niche-packs, which are essentially two fully-fledged 'businesses in a box'. I'll say more about these, though, in a moment.In terms of what you get for your money, I'd give it 10 out of 10, especially if you're complete novice.Now the Cons...If anything I think you get too much. Disclosure time: I am a pro copywriter and marketer and an ex-software developer and I think much of what they give you is over the top and unnecessary, In other words, there are simpler ways to do most of itBut, then, it IS aimed at beginners so while I can take shortcuts based on my experience and knowledge, others can't do so as easily. That said, I think what is missing is a fundamental explanation of why some of the things work - and knowing the why makes it possible to improve and adapt them.The niche packs are OK, but the sellable PLR e-books are sometimes of dubious quality - they're written by people who've researched the topic but don't really know it.For more info,Please visit Niche Profit Classroom Personally I think you'd be better to write your own (to be fair, Adam Short does say this, but then it leads me to ask why they include them at all). Another problem with the niche packs is you end up with dozens of competing sites to yours with identical materials (and some have been up for a month before you even get your niche pack - as an experienced pro, this doesn't worry me, personally, but a beginner will suffer unless they know how to deal with the competition).ConclusionsOn the whole I think NPC is good, and offers value for money. But as with many things, unless you're a rank beginner, it pays to take what's useful and adapt it to your own needs.That's what I did with my wife's blog when she started it and it went from zero to $3,000 a month in about 16 weeks (Adam was so impressed he interviewed me as one of his 'rising stars'). With this blog we didn't use the NPC system verbatim - rather we adapted it to our own purposes and, in my opinion, improved on many of the areas.If you like the info, go to this site!