frugal living

25/07/2012 19:45

Frugality is often related to sacrifice of happiness by most people. They believe that life is dull and meaningless if they cannot spend as they wish. For them, what is the use of having millions, if one cannot fully utilize the money.However, the perception could be wrong as you find people who live frugally are people who live happily. And materials are the unlikely source of happiness for those who live their lives within their means. Instead, they find the joys through meeting goals, minimizing the financial burdens and hence, living a stress-free life.Imagine, will you be happy if you are drowning in the sea of debt and find it difficult even to make ends meet? In this case, you are not practicing frugality, and you are not happy either.A frugal individual set early retirement as an ultimate goal. They just want to get rid of debt as soon as possible. To them, buying expensive cars or living a luxury life is not what they focus in life.Frugality, however, is not easy to practice. You need persistence and perseverance. You got to be creative with the money you are going to spend. It is not about to cut off your spending drastically, but it is the way of how you can find less expensive alternatives for your daily expenditure. For instance:To save spending on gasoline, use the Ron 95 instead of Ron 97. Choose the lowest possible octane number that suits your vehicle.
To save on grocery, buy in bulks for items that have longer or with no expiry dates. This will reduce the cost per item. Use discount coupons to make purchase whenever possible.
To save on electricity, turn off your electrical appliances as soon as finish using. Set the temperature of your heater to the lowest possible and of your air conditioner the highest possible which you feel just comfortable.For more info,Please visitfrugal living 
To save on meals, learn to prepare your own foods at home instead of eating out. With millions and millions of free recipes online, it is going to save you money and time, significantly.
To save on apparels, buy from the sale racks.
To save on transportation, take public transports instead of owning a car. If you have to own one, then look for the used cars.
To save on mortgage, commit only on houses you can afford. You may end of paying more than double the amount of your initial loan.
To save on habitual spending, quit smoking. Do not keep on changing your mobile phones. Stop chasing for up-to-date gadgets.
To save on telephone bills, sign up only the basic package. Use a call card for long distance call.
To save on water bills, use shower instead of taking bath. Avoid using direct tap water to wash your car; it saves water by using a water container.You can also go to this URL