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08/09/2012 21:23

In terms of specific colors that are sought out in ladies western boots, women's black cowboy boots appear to take the lead again for 2011 - and there are truly some sleek and amazingly stylish choices to pick from!For this year, here are a few of the top styles being looked for:Frye Harness 12R Boots in Black - These boots are the standard in black western boots with an edgy look. While having a rather smooth appearance they also have a silver studded harness around the ankle that makes them some of the most stylish boots around. If a woman is looking for a timeless and very stylin' boot, this is the one to pick. There are different versions available for the 12R, but the basic and most popular style retails for around $230.00.Mia Limited Edition Buckingham Boots in Black - My oh my, these boots escape words! They are quite tall for a western style (about 16 inches for the shaft) - coming up over the knee for many women. Along with this long look come triple straps around the ankle area which add quite a bit to the look. Even though these boots are some of the most popular and stylish picks around, their price tag is far more affordable with a retail price of around $230.00, but can be found online for quite a bit less.Frye Billy Short Booties in Black - Frye Billy Boots were really a hit in 2010, and continue to be much loved in 2011. They have a striking western look with a vintage appearance and a short bootie cut that makes them in line with current fashion trends. Cost for these boots is around $280.00.Mia Limited Edition Traill Cowboy Boots in Black - These boots are adorable - while they have a distinctive western look, their design is also smooth with a slouchy shaft, making them a great mix of feminine style and "cowgirl." They also have a higher heel than some other styles, adding even more femininity to the look.For more info,Please visit ariat cowboyboots Retail price for the Traill boots is around $160.00.Frye Carson Shortie Boots in Black - For a classic and smooth western bootie in black, these are my own personal favorites. The Frye Carson Shortie has become one of the most popular western bootie styles, and possibly the hottest seller of all Frye booties. In black, they are available in some different looks with a smooth finish or a vintage and weathered appearance. Retail price for these boots is around $320.00.Other favorites among the top selling women's black cowboy boots 2011 include an incredible look from Sam Edelman, additional styles from Frye and an adorable (and quite affordable) bootie from the Miss Me collection. Generally speaking, all of the boots can be purchased online for a better price than in stores, often with free shipping and returns.If you want to read more go to this URL